India-UN Development Fund is hailed as essence of South-South cooperation

India-UN Development Fund is hailed as essence of South-South cooperation
The India-UN Development Fund (IUNDPF) has funded 76 projects across 54 different countries, which demonstrates India's philosophy of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" (The World is One Family) and highlights the strength of South-South cooperation. Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed spoke at the sixth-year celebration of the IUNDPF at the UN headquarters, stating that "India has always been an advocate for South-South cooperation and the global achievement of the SDGs (UN's Sustainable Development Goals)".
It demonstrates "the remarkable achievements that countries in the UN can accomplish when working together with developing nations", she added. Mohammed said that the IUNDPF has reached "significant milestones making a positive difference in the most vulnerable of our communities" and gave some examples of its achievements. In Haiti, she said, it has installed solar water pumping systems for clean water and improving agricultural irrigation.
The United Nations Development Programme Fund (IUNDPF) has made significant contributions to various countries. In Moldova, it has strengthened national statistical systems, while in Zimbabwe, it has provided drought-resistant seeds, technical training, and post-harvest support to smallholder farmers. According to General Assembly President Dennis Francis, IUNDPF's contributions across the globe have been remarkable." is no small feat, especially in this age of shrunken fiscal spaces, compounded by the impacts of pandemic and other global shocks in recent years".
Of the 76 projects, 28 are in small island developing states, he said, adding: "I'm equally pleased that the Caribbean Community CARICOM, my own region is a major constituency of the fund's attention, where it supports innovative, Southern-owned and led demand-driven sustainable development projects".In his own country, Trinidad and Tobago, one of the projects is a telemedicine system to provide remote care", he said.
India's Permanent Representative Ruchira Kamboj said: "India stands as a pillar of leadership and advocacy for the Global South. In a world of shifting global dynamics, our nation has risen as not just a voice but as a representative of the hopes and challenges of developing countries emerging as a global beacon of hope and support. Our commitment to the ethos of 'leaving no one behind' is not just rhetoric but a demonstrated reality". Working also beyond the IUNDPF, Kamboj said that India's development partnerships over the past decade have spanned 78 nations with 600 projects.
Source: IANS