Indian industry wants the US to expedite visas for business trips

Indian industry wants the US to expedite visas for business trips
The captains of the Indian industry want the USA to expedite the issuance of visas to businessmen who want to visit America to explore opportunities for trade and investments. The request was made by Indo-American Chamber of Commerce national president Lalit Bhasin at a flagship event held to promote trade and investment between the two countries in Delhi. The US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, was the chief guest at the event.
Bhasin said that Indian businessmen who want to visit the US for trade and investment opportunities were facing huge delays in getting visas and requested Ambassador Garcetti to help in ensuring quicker action in the matter. Addressing the 20th Indo-US Economic Summit, Garcetti acknowledged that Indo-US economic ties had strengthened over the years and there was a two-way flow of both trade and investments between the two countries from which both were benefiting in terms of more job creation and incomes.
Underlining the importance of Indian companies investing in the US, Garcetti pointed out that at a recent conference organized in the US for promoting foreign investment, the Indian business delegation turned out to be the largest, with as many as 210 private companies coming to participate. The US Ambassador said that India and the US should set the goal of having a frictionless relationship that will add to the prosperity, not only of the two countries but the world as a whole.
He enunciated the need for the 4Ps that were required to make a better world and that countries should strive for. The first is peace all around. The second was prosperity which will come through strengthening economic ties, which would create a bigger pie that could be distributed among the people. The third was a planet for which there was a need to fight climate change so that a better future could be secured for “our children and grandchildren.”  
Source: IANS