IICA Partners with HP India to Upskill Professionals on ESG Frameworks

IICA Partners with HP India to Upskill Professionals on ESG Frameworks
The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) has teamed up with HP India to introduce the 'HP Future Impact Leaders - IICA Certified Environmental – Social - Governance (ESG) Professional Programme'. This collaboration aims to foster sustainability and empower corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals to emerge as leaders proficient in navigating the complexities of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) frameworks.
The initiative will provide 100 percent scholarships to 75 candidates, allowing them to pursue advanced education in ESG without financial constraints. Through this joint effort, HP India and IICA seek to deliver high-quality ESG education to deserving individuals, nurturing them to become the change-makers of tomorrow.
The partnership underscores a mutual dedication to fostering sustainable business practices and driving positive societal impact. The HP Future Impact Leaders initiative offers a comprehensive course on ESG, providing participants with a holistic understanding of ESG philosophy, principles, relevance, and implications in the contemporary landscape.
The programme caters to professionals working in diverse fields such as business and human rights (BHR), ESG, environmental health and safety (EHS), sustainability, and CSR. Eligible candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and possess a minimum of five years of experience in relevant domains.
Praveen Kumar, Director-General and CEO of IICA, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting its potential to cultivate a cohort of future impact leaders capable of driving positive change and innovation in the ESG realm. Ipsita Dasgupta, Senior Vice-President & Managing Director of HP India market, emphasized HP's commitment to sustainability, stating that the partnership with IICA marks a significant stride toward achieving the company's environmental and social goals.
Sustainable impact lies at the core of HP's business strategy, with a focus on driving climate action and accelerating digital equity through impactful strategies and actions. The collaboration with IICA represents a pivotal step in advancing these objectives, underscoring the importance of collective efforts in fostering a more sustainable and responsible business ecosystem.