IAF Squadron No. 1 'Tigers' culminates 90th anniversary celebrations

IAF Squadron No. 1 'Tigers' culminates 90th anniversary celebrations
The Indian Air Force's 1 Squadron, known as the 'Tigers', has a distinguished history of bravery and service. The squadron has actively participated in several significant military operations including World War II, the 1965 and 1971 India-Pakistan wars, the 1999 Kargil operations, and the Balakot air strikes. Recently, the squadron celebrated its 90th anniversary, marking the end of the celebratory events.
Currently equipped with advanced, upgraded Mirage-2000 aircraft, 1 Squadron continues to be at the forefront of IAF's fighter operations, upholding the highest standards. For its excellence in service, the squadron has been awarded 36 decorations and gallantry awards and 40 Mention-in-Dispatches, an IAF official added.
The IAF said that its rich legacy came to life as 1 Squadron held a ceremony at Air Force Station, Maharajpur (Gwalior), marking the culmination of its 90th-anniversary celebrations, which started on April 1. Established on April 1, 1933, as a part of the Royal Indian Air Force, 1 Squadron holds the distinction of being the oldest unit of the IAF.
To commemorate this historic milestone, a series of special events like motorcycle expeditions and sports meets were organized throughout the year. The culminating event was by the IAF chief, Air Chief Marshal V.R. Chaudhari, who unveiled the "Tiger Spirit" statue at the squadron memorial, the IAF added. The ceremony was attended by both veteran and serving officers, embodying the squadron motto, "Ekta Mein Shakti" - Strength in Unity. The day culminated in a thrilling flying display followed by a Barakhana where all personnel of 1 Squadron, their families, and guests came together, the IAF added.
Source: IANS