How to Double Your eCommerce Sales in 6 Months

How to Double Your eCommerce Sales in 6 Months

If you want to double your eCommerce sales, we’re going to show you how using just a few simple tips. This may seem like an impossible feat, but as long as you pay close attention to the following information, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your overall sales in the course of just six months. What lies beyond that is only further growth and sales! Keep reading to learn more about doubling your eCommerce sales.

1. SEO Optimization

Do you know what your Google ranking is? What keywords associated with your business are being searched on search engines? A good SEO strategy can help you achieve the coveted first-page status; boosting your overall brand recognition and putting you at the forefront of Google’s search engine.

Make no mistake; a good SEO strategy is the single best way to double your sales in under a year. Putting yourself on the first page of search engine searches will all but guarantee that potential customers interact with your site. This will not only allow greater exposure but will further your credibility as a reliable brand.

You can utilize the services of an established SEO company to get the ball rolling. You’ll have to pay for these services, and, depending on the type of service you request, it can be costly. Despite the cost, the investment is well worth it in the end when your website traffic increases over time.

2. Brand Awareness

Increasing your brand awareness starts with SEO optimization and continues through your social media presence, marketing efforts, and beyond. The bottom line is that if customers don’t know your brand exists, how can they spend their money on your products? You want to position yourself everywhere your potential customers will be.

Does your target audience spend a lot of time on Facebook? Instagram? YouTube? You should be on all three!

Other sites like Pinterest and Twitter are also good places to make your presence known. You don’t want customers to forget that you’re the authority in whatever your market is, and this means placing yourself in every possible location they’ll be visiting.

Don’t be afraid to run multiple ad campaigns at once, and diversify your ad platforms for a further-reaching campaign.

Social media is perhaps the best tool you have available to you as an eCommerce provider. The sites are free to use, and with a user base in the billions, the reach is simply unmatched.

3. Mobile Sales

Mobile sales are becoming a driving force behind the success of strictly eCommerce brands and combination brands. Millions of people use mobile devices like smartphones on a daily basis, and it’s no surprise that those users are looking for ways to purchase their favorite items from the comfort and convenience of hand-held devices.

Mobile sales are slowly increasing, making the ability to accommodate this trend a must for eCommerce businesses. If your business doesn’t already have its own app, it’s a good time to invest in developing one; otherwise, you’ll need to optimize your site as much as possible for the best mobile experience.

To meet these changing needs, you’ll want to find a pos software that can do it all. POS systems are set up to handle all kinds of payment methods, and can easily optimize your website to be mobile-friendly.

Not to mention, they serve many other purposes, such as organizing inventory, so they’re certainly worth the investment!

4. Establish a Personal Connection With Customers

The more personalized your customer relationships are, the more likely you are to increase sales. Take a different approach to how you interact with your customers; if you only send promotional emails, try sending emails that tell a story instead.

Customers want to know they’re connecting with their favorite brands and their leaders, so including a personal triumph story or something of the sort can help bridge that gap.

Plus, with an increased personal relationship with customers, they’ll come to trust you and the brand more, making it much more likely that they’ll recommend your products and brand to friends and family.

Word of mouth is still a powerful marketing strategy, so don’t underestimate the power of creating a good relationship with customers.

5. Improved Conversion Rate

In order to improve your site’s conversion rate, you need to research. If it takes 100 different experiments to find what works best for your site, then so be it. Optimizing your site for maximum conversion rate means making just about every visitor into a buyer. This can take some time, but if you really dive into your efforts and start optimizing your site today, you could potentially see an increase in just a few months!

A fully optimized website will ensure that users don’t disengage and that errors are infrequent. An error-prone site with slow-loading pages is the bane of any eCommerce business. Your site should load quickly, checkout seamlessly, and contain only necessary graphics and visual elements.