How Has Roulette Changed over the Years

From a classic tabletop game synonymous with casinos, roulette has been a major hit online since many land-based casinos turned to the net. As a gentlemanly game, roulette was played by nobles and commoners back in the day and the traditional way of playing roulette is still popular nowadays. From writing everything down to the details of your wins and losses displayed in detail on the screen, how did roulette change its look?

How Has Roulette Changed over the Years

Free Roulette, Live Roulette, and Other Popular Versions

In the 90s, the casino industry decided to move its most popular games online. With this move, players gained better availability since the sites operated 24/7. However, the net wasn’t as fast as it is today so 2D animations took some time to load. Thanks to a technological leap forward the internet got its speed, 3D animations and designers could express themselves creatively by making new animations. The number of new types of roulette games exploded.

The classic versions of American and European roulette got remodeled and new variants emerged. Advanced, Multi Table, First Person Lightning roulette and many others were becoming fan favorites. With so many games to choose from online casinos found new ways to promote themselves to gain more users. Free spins and no-deposit bonuses are to this day used to get the attention of players. That’s why punters can play  free roulette at Royal panda, JackpotCity, LeoVegas, and many more online casino platforms.

Another fan favorite is live roulette. This is a blend of the traditional roulette and the online one since a human dealer is used. The players have a feed of the dealer who is in charge of the moving of the ball and the software keeps track of the bets and consequently the winnings or losses.

How Do Online Casinos Keep Roulette Fair?

It was natural to wonder if a game of roulette was fixed in the past, but this isn’t the case with online roulette. The games are regulated by a Random Number Generator. Firstly, the RNGs have to be approved by a regulative body before they can be used. Secondly, they make sure the numbers are random and no two patterns are the same. The algorithm makes sure this is the case.

Unfortunately, some casinos have rigged the RNGs in their favor but were quickly in the scam. Players can inform themselves about these casinos via reviews and casino related news. Another way to keep safe would be to stick to top-ranking casino sites since they take a professional approach to gaming and each customer is important to them.

How Has Roulette Changed over the Years

The Future of Roulette

AI is the next big thing in the gaming industry. Here have already been some titles released that were praised by fans and critics. This pushed game developing companies in that direction and soon we’ll have a lot of games to choose from. New VR headsets are being produced each year and they aim to surpass their predecessors. Roulette will receive another refurbishment that will immerse the player into the game more and who knows, players might turn their head to see other tables and staff members walking about when having their VR head equipped.