How Can Office Automation Impact Employee Performance

How Can Office Automation Impact Employee Performance

What makes an office productive?

There is always an ambiguity in answering this question, right?

But essentially, the productivity of an office depends on the performance of its employees.When there is stability in the performance of the staff, the company achieves its goals in the desired manner.

But does our office always function according to our plans?

Probably not.

Is there a way to achieve stability in the performance of the employees?

That’s where the idea of office automation steps in. It essentially reduces the human errors in the business processes by digitizing a core component of a company. That is information!.

What Is Office Automation?

The term office automation may sound complex at first. But it’s not anything new in its core functions. Office automation is simply the practice of using computers and software to digitally create, store, organize, customize, and share office information needed for accomplishing office tasks and goals.

These technologies reduce the workload of employees in many ways. When the staff gets to access the relevant information seamlessly, it enables them to work with a free mind and complete their tasks with efficiency.

Office automation is designed to increase the productivity of the workforce of an organization thereby reducing the need for human interventions.

How Does Office Automation Works?

Office automation practices completely ditched the idea of physical documents as a vehicle to carry information. It employs a document management software to securely manage the complete lifecycle of documents from document creation to expiry.

The information is stored in an organized way. This information contains many things like project announcements, updates, and other relevant information. So multiple authorized users access this information and implement their assigned actions. This multi-person accessibility also comes in favor when there is a need for collaborative inputs as well.

An office automation system also consists of many other tools like intranet software, chats, blogs, community sites to establish a stable communication among the employees.

The Effect Of Office Automation On Employee’s Productivity

Office automation streamlines the passage of information from the get-go. So the employees don’t have to search all around a physical repository for a piece of information. A document management system has all documents organized to let the users access them at their fingertips. In doing so, it also improves the productivity of workers in the following ways.

  • Minimizing manual effort
  • Improving collaboration
  • Increasing accuracy
  • Reducing Repetitive and Dull works
  • Improving the speed and quality of tasks
  • Prevention of document loss and leakage
  • Utilizing digital document formals in internal and customer transactions
  • Organizing information to make easily accessible and retrievable

So when these practices are executed perfectly, the company archives the following qualities

  • Reduced Repetitive work
  • Improved skill levels of the staff
  • Faster task completion
  • Greater control and flexibility
  • Cost and time savings

The Role Of Performance Management System In Office Automation

The office automation itself may not always produce desirable results. Because not all employees may have the same skill levels. And sometimes, certain employees can get excessive workload as well. All of these factors can also lead to an unbalanced and inadequate performance levels. Sometimes, the task completion gets delayed. Or other times, the tasks won’t have the desired quality That’s why modern companies integrate their workspace with a performance management software.

A performance management system essentially brings stability to the tasks of employees. It regularly monitors the tasks of each employee and review their performances in terms of their quality and speed. So it understands who does the tasks well, who lacks skills, who has excessive or insufficient works, and so on.

So the management reviews these reports to give rewards for excellent performers, training for those who lack skills and rebalance the workload for all employees equally. It also enables the management to plan future projects and assign employees in different tasks based on their potential and performance levels. When all of these factors are synchronized, both the management and employees get their dues.


Modern organizations are already taking actions to automate their workspace. Especially with the proliferation of SharePoint development companies and similar software that automates office processes. Office automation has become an indispensable technique for companies in streamlining their internal operations to produce the best outcomes. It not only expedites the way the company achieves its objectives, but it also takes the pressure off the employees in their tasks. So the future is bright for modern workplaces.

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