Gatimaan Express: India's First Semi High-Speed Train

BENGALURU: The flag was waved and the Union Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu exclaimed ‘chocks-away’ as the Gatimaan Express chugged past the H. Nizamuddin Railway station in Delhi. The nation’s first semi high-speed train made its maiden journey on 5th April, 2016, as reported by

Dubbed as train number 12050/12049, the Gatimaan express will run between Delhi and Agra. The train is slated to run six days a week, except on Fridays, owing to the Taj Mahal being closed to the public on that day. As a special service, Gatimaan was operated with the number 02050, on its inauguration from Delhi to Agra.

Travelling at a top-speed of 160 km/hour, the Gatimaan Express has surpassed the previous speed limits of 150 km/hour of the Shatabdi Express, and will traverse the 188 kilometers in 100 minutes. The cars are also equipped with high-power emergency braking system, and automatic fire alarm mechanism.

Hauled by a 5,500 HP WAP 5 electrical locomotive engine, the rake will have two Executive AC Chair Cars and eight AC Chair Car coaches. The Rail Coach Factory (RCF), located in Kapurthala has delivered LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) coaches for this semi high-speed express train which is interlinked by balanced draft gear couplers to ensure a pleasurable journey.

The fares are fixed at Rs 750 for the AC Chair Car and 1500 for Executive AC Chair Car. The Gatimaan Express was widely speculated to feature a horde of amenities to lure the travelers. Sure enough, with GPS-based passenger information systems, sliding doors in the coaches, Wi-Fi-powered video entertainment systems, luxurious interiors with sceneries painted walls, bio-toilets, and soap dispensers, this train will take train journeys to a new level.

Moreover, to improve the passenger travelling experience, Gatimaan Express plans to offer best catering services where travelers can choose from Indian to continental cuisines. In fact, Gatimaan Express has employed hosts and hostesses to give it that flight-like touch, reports 

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