From Engineer to Entrepreneur: An Astrologer's Prediction Changed Everything!

From Engineer to Entrepreneur: An Astrologer's Prediction Changed Everything!

Ever wondered about the destinies woven in the threads of astrology? Well, meet Nitin Verma, the man behind InstaAstro, an online astrology platform that has touched the lives of over 50 Lakhs satisfied customers across India, all through their online application.

This entrepreneur from IIT Kanpur graduated with a degree. With a career spanning over 17 years in entrepreneurship, Nitin has a total of 21 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he has led well-known companies such as DByDx Software and Edureka, both of which were acquired by listed giant companies, Kellton and Veranda Lab. After this, he commenced his journey to start InstaAstro.

The decision to establish InstaAstro was deeply influenced by an interesting story that Nitn Verma shares. When he decided to start his first company as an entrepreneur, his small team struggled to get projects. He began to lose hope and thought that everything was finished. Just then, he came across an astrologer. The astrologer saw his hand and predicted that he would leave no stone unturned and have a successful entrepreneurial career ahead.

Nitin did not believe the astrologer initially, but soon, he started getting projects and eventually began his journey as an entrepreneur. He recalled the words of the astrologer and was in utter shock that his prediction had come true. Thus, in 2021, amidst the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and various challenges, he boldly chose to fully immerse himself in the vision and launched InstaAstro.

Yet, introducing their team of skilled astrologers in a tech-savvy era wasn't that easy, as the online astrology market was already crowded. At the same time, people still believed in in-person astrology consultation. At first, Verma encountered many hurdles in gathering what was needed to establish InstaAstro. But he held onto his unwavering belief in the astrologer who predicted his destiny. Thus, he began his search for well-read, genuine astrologers. He was amazed to find astrologers who have even received a doctorate in the field of astrological science.

It’s been a little more than two years since he established InstaAstro. His baby project took off amazingly well and has been showing great numbers in business. He says their guiding philosophy is simple - “Quality over Quantity.” Recently, he even took the initiative to take this philosophy to the next level by commemorating astrologers across the globe through the International Astrology Meet.

He says, “I started InstaAstro to help people rediscover their purpose through astrology. We receive several resumes from astrologers every month, but only a few are selected. This ensures that customers receive the best guidance from top-skilled astrologers and, in turn, astrologers receive deserved earnings.”

When Nitin decided to dive into astrology, many people told him it was a risky move. But he was determined to solve problems of the future while people were still dealing with the problems of the present. He knew it would be a long journey, but it would be worth it.

He further adds, “In and after trying times like Covid, people not only reached out to InstaAstro for relationship and marriage but also uncertainties in career. There is a major shift of more and more people, including youngsters, towards astrology and getting really helped by it. And I take pride that the medium is our online application.”

Nitin Verma, InstaAstro’s Founder, is inspiring us for a better world. And we should also be a part of it by trying new ways to improve life. With InstaAstro's affordable rates, starting at just 1 for an initial consultation, it's worth giving astrology a chance. Visit the InstaAstro app and website today.