Federal Bank nets Ace Shuttler H S Prannoy for an Exclusive Collaboration

Federal Bank nets Ace Shuttler H S Prannoy for an Exclusive Collaboration
Federal Bank collaborates with India's Top Seeded Shuttler, H.S. Prannoy. H.S. Prannoy, is current world number eight and a recipient of the men's singles bronze medal in the recent Asian Games. The Bronze was won by Prannoy, 41 years after Syed Modi won it at the Asian Games. He enjoys the process as much as he demonstrates his passion at play. Prannoy is known to be unfazed when it comes to demanding performances to come back from many a brink. 
MVS Murthy, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Federal Bank, elaborated more on the collaboration, "Work Ethic is the intersection point for Prannoy and Federal Bank. He represents the passion of India's Youth to put up the Tri-colour at the topmost pedestal on every given opportunity. And being a Champion Sportsperson, he accentuates the India Story of demographic dividend. His persona appeals to the younger generation of clients and colleagues at our Bank. The average age of many of our Customers and Colleagues, are close to Prannoy's. We believe that individuals help raise the bar in sports, at work, in a successful franchise and cascade the euphoria for a Nation aspiring to be seen as a Champion State.  MAB is the common bonding goal for both of us. Prannoy is surely pursuing to become the Most Admired Badminton Player and Federal Bank's pursuit to become the Most Admired Bank. We are broadbasing our marketing initiatives not just around sports but also creating innovative templates of association with the Federal Bank Brand."
H.S. Prannoy expressed his elation about this development, saying, "I firmly believe that my partnership with Federal Bank will contribute to the continued growth of badminton's brand reputation in India. I am committed to adding sheen to Federal Bank's people at the core business model. Like the Bank, I too use technology to strengthen my game. The joy playing in front of people is what gives me an adrenalin rush. Badminton is a sport where you can easily step out with a friend and start playing without any hassle. Professionals in the sport also require a high level of mental intensity. It's my pleasure to have Federal Bank, back my efforts and give wings to my conquests in tournaments across the globe."
Within the framework of this annual partnership, Federal Bank will assume the role of Prannoy's exclusive banking partner. As a visible symbol of this alliance, Prannoy will proudly display the Federal Bank logo during his participation in prestigious Badminton World Federation (BWF) events, such as the BWF Super Series, BWF Gold Series, and the BWF World Badminton Championship. Additionally, Prannoy will prominently feature the logo and branding during post-match media interviews.
This collaboration is an integral component of Federal Bank's broader strategy to invest in various adjacent domains to enhance its brand's influence. The Bank's core philosophy, "Rishta Aap Se Hai Sirf App Se Nahi," remains at the heart of these initiatives. Federal Bank is deeply committed to contributing to various aspects of society, encompassing sports, music, culture, and gender diversity, as it continually evolves to exceed the expectations of its customers. The partnership with Prannoy underscores the Bank's dedication to individual athletes and sports personalities, recognizing the immense dedication and hard work required to excel in individual sports.
Source: Press Release