Evolution of Tech Titans with Government Funding

Evolution of Tech Titans with Government Funding

The status from infrastructure to the data center industry will help companies mark more accessible credit and resources management as the industry tries to expand to the top cloud regions from outside. The vast regulatory requisite for data localization has ignited the sector's growth, leading to investments from top Internet firms such as Microsoft and Google with home-based renowned companies such as the Adani group.

The Minister of Finance has granted infrastructure status for the data center industry while announcing the budget for 2022 beginning which is a decision appreciated by the industry.

Data Center and Energy Storage

Data centers and energy storage systems are included in dense charging infrastructure and grid-scale battery systems in the harmonized infrastructure list. The system will facilitate credit, which will be available for digital infrastructure and clean energy storage. As a capital-intensive industry, this would be critical for the industry to increase and sync with the requisites of data localization and digital India. The companies will help the Indians in this space to compete with their global peers and provide more choices and better service to the end clients. There is an expectation for witnessing tremendous growth in the sector, and it would bring in more high-end technical workflows. This might be the scope for the states to attract the data center industry and would present most of the concentrated in 2-3 regions.

The data suggest that the total investment in the Data-center industry in India is touching INR 70,000 to INR 72,000 crore in the following five to ten years. Following the historical trend, 40 percent and 50 percent of the total investment was funded by debt with an average tenure between 3 and 7 years.As per cloud service and data center firms, the present consumption of data centers in India is almost 500 MW, and it is projected to grasp 100 GW in the following decade. As the data center investment has a long gestation period payback of 3-6 years, accessing cheap and long-duration funding is needed. Infrastructure status grants to data centers certainly pave the way.

India is a rapidly growing country as the choice for data center majors. Recent data from world-renowned companies totals $11.4 billion in investment planned and committed for data center development in India and global firms. And it is more than 65 percent. The infrastructure status for the data centers, infrastructure status for power storage, and curb of the monopoly of power discoms have been a breakthrough announcement in the budget. The upcoming data centers demand in the Mumbai region alone is almost 4GW and will take a lot of work. The data centers in India must be maintained twice the storage as the backup because of the issues in power sourcing. The same provides excellent flexibility on power sources.

Global Data Center

During the previous year's tenure, the government has drawn up an ambitious scheme for incentivizing INR 12,000 crore to INR 10,000 crore to companies setting up data centers in the country. For the hyperscale data center scheme, the government has targets of investment for INR 3 lakh crore in the following five years and is planning to dole out anywhere between 3 percent to 4 percent of capital investment as an incentive to companies alongside other benefits such as real estate support and faster clearance. It is a vision of 'Make India a Global Data Center Hub.'

According to a JLL study, the Indian data center sector will require a total investment of USD 3.7 billion within the next three years to meet the six million square feet of development. Despite the heavy capital involved, the corporations are bullish on data centers in India. The requisite for data centers hit an exponential graph in proportion to the rise in data consumption and cloud adoption.

Some years back, many Indian firms changed their businesses to data-centering. While cloud adoption picked pace in India, the global tech giants started partnering with the Indian conglomerates to cash in on the opportunity. The world-class company announced an investment of INR 70,000 crore for building solar-powered data parks in Andhra Pradesh.


The companies in the same are investing an amount of USD 70 billion by 2030 in renewable energy. They have plans to power their data centers using green energy and expect power from renewable sources.