Do You Know the Advantages of Vidmate App? Read to Discover

Do You Know the Advantages of Vidmate App? Read to Discover

For those who love to fetch a video on their device, it is necessary to have an app that can help one to have the video on the device from the concerned platform. Though many video fetching apps claim this facility, yet there are hardly a few which can successfully do that,and among which, the app Vidmate is the most useful one.

Must have used different kinds of video downloading sites and applications but do not meet your expectation. Do they? You can connect with this if you have used the different video streaming platform which lets you save their video but not directly to your phone. So, if you want to share that video, you have to share the link but not the video directly. This sets the limitation for these platforms like YouTube.

In this case, what should you do? Go on reading to find the answer. You can take the help of  Vidmate for Android to download the videos directly into our Android device. You can watch the videos as per wish and share it. So, you must be wondering about the advantages of this vid mate app over the others. Here are some advantages of vid mate app that you can go through to get it downloaded.

1. Videos in any Format:

The video downloading mobile app lets you download the videos in any format. You can download the videos in formats like 3GP, FLV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, WMV, ASF, RM, and SWF. Vidmate app constantly adds different format capabilities into the application.

2. Selection in Quality:

Vidmate video downloading mobile app lets you download the files in different quality like HD, 360p, and 1080p. It helps you to download the files according to your wish into your device.

3. Device Flexibility:

You can use the Vidmate video downloading the app on your PC or Laptop too. You can download vid mate for Android also so that you can watch your favourite video anywhere, anytime. You can download the vid mate app by following this procedure:

  • Open Browser in your PC or Laptop.
  • Go to
  • Search “Download BlueStack app” and download it.
  • Install the BlueStack app.
  • Launch BlueStack and search Vidmate.apk.
  • Install vid mate on your PC or Laptop and use it to get the favourite videos downloaded.

4. Status of Downloading:

The amazing vid mate app lets you know the status of your videos that how much is being downloaded presently. The download happens with internet speed and also depends upon how many videos you are downloading at a time. You can also check the notification bar of your device to know the status.

5. Enable Fast Download:

Sounds interesting, correct? Yes, you can even increase the speed of video downloads on the vid mate app. To do it you must follow some of the steps:

  • Go to the “Me” tab.
  • Go to settings.
  • Go to download settings.
  • Turn on the “Fast Download Mode.”

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