Divorced Indians Remarrying Their Exes?

Bangalore: Remarrying the exes is a growing trend seen among urban Indians. But, the real question is, how successful are these marriages the second time around.

 Charlie Sheen of the Two and a Half Men fame recently alluded to the possibility of remarrying his ex-wife Denise Richards. When asked if he would consider remarrying the woman who had divorced him before, he was quoted as saying, ‘’ (…) anything is possible.’’

If Richards agrees with Sheen, Nancy Kalish, psychology professor at California State University, would say there is a good chance that the remarriage will be successful. This prediction is backed by a study which was conducted across 42 countries, including India, for instances of resurrected relationships. She found that 64 percent of the relationships worked the second time around.

While researching the topic of remarriage, she carried out a study in 1992 followed by a survey in 2004. She found that 62 percent of the respondents chose to reunite with their exes, irrespective of the age or the number of romances they had had during their lives. 72 percent said they were still together many years after they reunited; in one instance, 50 years before. 71 percent said that the reunion was one of the most intense romances of all. 61 percent said the rekindled romance started faster than any other romance in the past while, 63 percent reported that their sexual involvement was profound, as reported by TOI.