Criminals, Crorepatis & Non-Graduates; It's Indian Politics

Bangalore: Politics pays really well, much more than any other profession as our parliament and state assemblies have become hubs of crorepatis, just as all but three members of the new Goa assembly are millionaires. Politics works as an asylum for criminals that half of the newly elected MLAs in UP have declared criminal cases against them. Politics is a profession of high pay and absolute job security where education is not the primary criterion of eligibility and so, 45 percent of the newly-elected in Punjab Vidhan Sabha are non-graduates.

The new crorepati list from the recently held assembly elections in 5 states shows the fact that the not-so-rich are getting marginalized in Indian politics and in the electoral process. While 101 out of 117 MLAs in the Punjab Assembly are crorepatis, 37 out of 40 elected candidates in the Goan assembly have declared assets worth more than 1 Core. According to the data published by Association for Democratic Reforms, an NGO working towards strengthening governance and democracy in the country; narrates a story quite different than we are used to. Contrary to the popular belief, it’s not people with genuine social conscience, but with deep pockets the political parties prefer to give the tickets to contest. And as a matter of fact, it’s these financially well off candidates stand a good chance to win the constituencies than people with real political zeal but less economical backup.