Code your way to success through Python Programming

Code your way to success through Python Programming

Python programming tops the charts among the most promising coding languages among all. Generally viewed as a high-level programming language, Python provides brevity, accelerated code readability and is highly effective in creating dynamic scripts in both small and large scales respectively.

Python programming is considered to be a general-purpose language used extensively in web development, testing, script writing and application development. Additionally, Python offers automatic memory management and dynamic type system which also helps in widening the job scope for an expert in Python, who can further become a Developer or a Data Scientist.

Understanding Python Programming

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. It was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1989 and was first released in 1991. Python has high-level built-in data structures, which is combined with dynamic typing cum binding. It has a simple and easy-to-learn syntax which improves readability and reduces the cost of program maintenance.

Programmers develop a liking towards Python because of the enhanced productivity that it provides. The edit-test-debug is cycle is extremely fast and debugging Python programmes is easy as well. It?s simplicity is also one key reason for its? popularity.

In a nutshell, Python has a highly readable language, clean visual layout, less syntactic exceptions, superior string manipulation, elegant and dynamic typing, interpreted nature and is ideal for script and rapid application. It is very popular in fields like Automation, Big Data, AI etc.

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How to gain mastery in Python Programming?

The five fundamentals need to achieve mastery in Python are as follows:

  • Datatypes: You need to gain command over Boolean, Numbers, Strings, Bytes & Byte Arrays, Lists, Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries
  • Flow control like if, for, while, break, continue, pass
  • Functions
  • File Handling
  • Object & Class

Applicability of Python

Python, as you must already have understood by now, is an open source and object-oriented programming language employed for several purposes; viz;

  • Desktop application development
  • Website application development
  • GUI application development
  • Writing system administration software
  • Used as scripting language for SIMP, blender, open office, etc.
  • Use of Python is software testing

Python as a viable career option

As a fresher, there would be many opportunities that might knock your door, if you only have a strong programming background coordinated with the right attitude to learn and grow. Freshers seeking lucrative career options must have sound knowledge of immutable types. A Python newbie would also do well to be acquainted with the ability to create classes and instantiate objects, using exceptions and exception handlers, and knowing interactivity among modules. One must also know the difference between Python 2 and Python 3.

As a fresher, you can apply for a post of Software engineer, Front-end software/Web developer, Python developer and programmer and DevOps engineer. Global brands like Accenture and Capgemini offer good salary packages as well.

Both Indian and global companies constantly look out for qualified and skilled workforce to meet the changing technology needs of customers. Python, SQL, Java, JavaScript, .NET, C, C#, AngularJS, C++, PHP, ReactJS, Android, iOS, Ruby, NodeJS, Go, and Perl are some of the hot skills that will rock 2018 and beyond. Knowing more than two high-level programming languages besides Python is the perfect arrangement since you gain a competitive advantage over others.

As an experienced hire, securing a full-time job as a Python programmer or Architect with a reputed MNC will require intensive preparation on your part. Besides being confident about your core areas, you also need to have a strong knowledge of the very obvious ? Python programming! As an experienced candidate, you may be asked to complete a project within a specified period of time or be tested on your analytical skills.

As per GitHub and StackOverflow, experienced hires must re-train themselves in Python for better career opportunities. One can opt for an advanced certification program in Data Analytics. You can also check out the Python Programming Online course by Career Anna, India?s largest learning platform. It would also be helpful to be acquainted with Python?s strong typing attributes, dynamic typing strong typing, duck typing and the amalgamation of all three by Python.

Exciting career opportunities will come to you if you possess a thorough knowledge of the various scientific and numerical modules and can manage to write tight algorithms.

Payscale in Python Programming

Python jobs have impressive salaries. Freshers start with a minimum of 3-5 lakh annual packages and experienced hires draw an average salary package of 8-12 lakhs per annum.

As per famous HR and Payroll software Quikchex, Python and Ruby developers are much ahead of their peers in terms of compensations. Ruby developers with an experience between 2-4 years get paid a minimum of 4.8 lakhs as compared to a Python developer with a similar experience of 5 lakhs. PHP and Dot Net developers with a similar level of experience stand at 3 lakhs per annum.

Renowned portals like Indeed, Upwork, etc. are proof that remote job opportunities in Python are growing in number. One can opt for these freelance projects as well which carry on for 3-6 months and come with attractive hourly rates.

Finally, why Python?

Career opportunities in Python are myriad and have multiple merits. Some of the amazing perks include tremendous growth, learning and lucrative salaries. By being a part of the world of Python programming you can be an active contributor to the ever changing technological landscape and make your own mark. Add to it the spice of a Data Analytics course and voila, you have arrived!

A career in Python also offers diversity in terms of career choices. You can become a certified trainer post a Python online course certification and substantial relevant experience. As a fresher, you can start off as a Developer/Programmer and subsequently evolve into a Data Scientist.

However, to excel in your career, keep the three Ps in mind: Perform, Prosper and last but not the least, Python!

Source: - CareerAnna

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