Child Labor: A Tale of Agony and Shame in India

A volunteer of Bachpan Bachao Andolan, the NGO that took part in the raid said to TNN "The children were not paid and were made to work under most inhuman working conditions. This is nothing short of bonded labour."

It was said that for the time being the rescued children will be kept with the women and child welfare committee and will be under the National Child Labour Project to ensure that they are sent to schools. This incident clearly is an indication of the massive child trafficking racket at work that many children in India and the world are a part of.

It is also seen that hundreds of girls are trafficked each year from rural areas to work as domestic servants in middle-class homes in cities. They work at least 15 hours a day for food, stay and salaries even below the legal minimum monthly wages. These girls may also face abuse, sexually assaults and are cut off from their families and treated like slaves, reported Simon Denyer for The Washington Post. It is seen that a huge network of child trafficking operates within the society.

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