Chennai Is On The List Of Asia's 'Worst Airports' In 2014

BANGALORE: The hospitality of a country starts off at the airport and if this place is not up to the mark then there is a preconceived notion of the kind of hospitality that can be expected in the country. Airports are some of the defining architectures in countries and cities.

Well Asia has some of the best airports in the world but also some of the worst ones. Here is a list of horrible airports that are unclean, hot, congested, filled with corrupt officials and workers and have unending queues compiled by Yahoo Finance.

Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport:
This is the international airport in Pakistan, which is the worst airport in the whole of Asia. This airport is like a central prison as reviewed by travelers. There is no sense of crowd control, corrupt officers at every turn, lack of technology and most of all there is no sense of cleanliness.

This airport is reported going to be demolished as there is a new airport that should be finished by 2016. So hopefully the new one will be much better than this one.

Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport:
The biggest airport in Nepal, the KTIA is not far behind Pakistan. This airport has everything that is so not suppose to be there in an airport.

The airport might also just be the poorest one in all of Asia. Like the airport in Pakistan, the KTIA is also unclean, nasty smoker’s rooms and the waiting rooms are in poor condition. Hopefully more money may pour in to the country so that it will be revived.

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