Can NDA Outperform UPA-2 With New Cabinet

BENGALURU: Modi’s new cabinet is perceived in different ways by different people. To Indians who are used to the cabinet reshuffles in any newly formed government, the recent restructuring would seem like a routine formulation. But the new government seems to attract as many people as possible with its attractive set of cabinet ministers. Some of them being Harvard and IIT graduates come as a pleasant surprise to many.

Apart from the structural and fundamental differences, NDA has much more in contrast with 2009’s UPA2. The basic difference that sums up everything is that, while UPA chose to have a strong ministerial team, NDA is scaling up a strong Prime Ministeral Office. Both seem like sensible models; however, it is very early to decide which model fared well.

In October 2012, UPA had a final reshuffle with 79 ministers. UPA’s principle was to have a scattered ministerial team with reasonable independence. With the latest reshuffle, Modi’s government is still a leaner cabinet. This is probably because Modi believes in consolidation more than having varied ministries. Like he said in his electoral speech, Modi truly reflected a, ”More Governance and Less Government” approach.

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