Chatting with Astronumerologist Anuritaa Bharat for Numerology Predictions 2023

Chatting with Astronumerologist Anuritaa Bharat for Numerology Predictions 2023

Recently in a chat with Anuritaa Bharat, renowned Astronumerologist, Vastu and Gems specialist, popularly known as Astroanurita on social media; revealed the importance of Numerology and her general predicts for the year 2023 based on Birth numbers.

Q. Firstly, what is the importance of Numerology compared to other various occult sciences?

A. While there are several occult sciences, each is different in its approach and may be used based on the requirements and depth of predictions you expect. For example, Vedic Astrology is considered one of the most accurate vedic sciences if requiring extensive analysis and time for deeper interpretation & accuracy. Numerology interconnects the planetary world with various number combinations generated from our date of birth and name that define personal & professional life. There are certain Karmic Numbers too which closely link to one’s past karmic deeds. Aligning your life aspirations &inner soul desires to specific numbers to help you grow personally & professionally is the purpose of numerology. 

Q. How does one get to know their Birth Number and Destiny Path Number?

A. Well, the Birth number is the single-digit total sum of the digits of the day you were born on. For example, if you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month, your birth number is 1. The Destiny Path Number on the other hand is the sum total of all the digits of your full date of birth. For example, if you were born on 15.06.1995=1+5+0+6+1+9+9+5=27=2+7=9.

The destiny path number is 9. The destiny path number helps in shaping one’s destiny.

Q. How was your experience with FM Radio where you had a special series on Numerology Predictions for 2023 with RJ Dillip at Mumbai Big FM in December 2022?

A. It was a wonderful experience and received a great response from listeners. RJ Dillip, a Life Coach is a gem of a person and one of the best Radio Jockeys we have in our country who focuses on improving the quality of listeners’ lives through his voice of wisdom & positivity on his show, “Love you Zindagi”, a one of its kind show aired in Mumbai. I had an opportunity to share my Numerology General Predictions on his popular show for the year 2023 for all birth numbers.

Q. Speaking of predictions, can you please share a preview of general numerology predictions for all birth numbers for the year 2023?

A. Of course, I can share a preview of the general predicts but for more detailed predicts you can have a look at the Numerology reels dedicated to each birth number for 2023 on Instagram @astroanurita

Birth Number 1, the year shall bring success at work front but health may be affected due to your workaholic nature. Marriage prospects are likely to finalize.

Birth Number 2, can expect changes in professional life. Health may be affected due to physical or emotional stress. Gain in income & expenditure.

Birth Number 3, may enjoy new peaks of success in their professional life, but there may be ups and downs in relationships & health.

Birth Number 4, can face a tough time in relationships with breakups and finding new partners. A good period for studying abroad & settlement.

Birth Number 5, can have opportunities to travel a lot in 2023. An increase in income may be expected in the second half of the year.

Birth Number 6, may face issues in relationships if they take them for granted. A good year for professional gains.

Birth Number 7, can face transformation in their personal as well as professional life. Since sum total of 2023 is also 7, this is a significant year for them to reach new milestones in health, relationships & career.

Birth number 8, may undertake long journeys to get fresh insights into their life. They may earn from multiple sources this year.

Birth Number 9, can get excellent work opportunities with a boost in income. Health stays stable.

Q. Can Numerology also use to predict the compatibility of a couple?

A. Numerology has a wide scope in determining the professional and personal choices of an individual. There are various techniques in Numerology that help in determining the compatibility linking the date of birth of the couple to the planetary strength and how they complement each other.

Q. How does an individual benefit from Numerology or other Occult Sciences?

A. Always trust a professional Numerologist’s advice to really gain from the science of Numerology. I would suggest anyone not change their name without professional advice since it is essential to connect it to their planetary strength along with life goals. Any branch of Occult or Vedic Sciences is unique and has its own relevance. They are complex layered sciences and interpretations play a key role in shaping one’s life. An accurate prediction can transform the quality of life. Personally, I prefer to combine these sciences to achieve holistic results for my clients.

Anuritaa Bharat is a respected Astronumerologist who has extensive experience in horoscope and numerology readings. Her remedies and approach to the Vedic Sciences are highly appreciated. You may follow her on the following link to know more about Vedic wisdom @astroanurita.

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