BMW Group and Tata Technologies to Develop Automotive Software Solutions

BMW Group and Tata Technologies to Develop Automotive Software Solutions
BMW Group and Tata Technologies have announced the establishment of an automotive software and IT development hub across multiple locations in India. This joint venture aims to deliver cutting-edge automotive software solutions, including software-defined vehicle (SDV) technologies for BMW Group's premium vehicles, as well as digital transformation solutions for its business IT operations.
Starting with 100 employees, the joint venture plans to expand its workforce to a four-digit number in the coming years. The initiative underscores India's significant talent pool in software development and engineering.
Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President of Software and E/E Architecture at BMW Group, highlighted India's abundance of skilled software professionals, emphasizing their potential contributions to BMW's software expertise. He noted that Indian engineers will have the opportunity to shape next-generation automotive experiences in areas such as highly automated driving and artificial intelligence.
The primary development and operations centers will be located in Bengaluru and Pune, with Chennai focusing on business IT solutions. Leveraging Tata Technologies' digital engineering capabilities and talent pool, the joint venture aims to bolster BMW Group's global software coding capabilities and enable 24/7 operations across its IT hubs.
Warren Harris, CEO and Managing Director of Tata Technologies, expressed the company's commitment to delivering top-tier automotive software and digital engineering solutions worldwide through its collaboration with BMW Group.
This partnership signifies a strategic move by both companies to capitalize on India's software talent and digital engineering expertise, driving innovation in the automotive industry and facilitating the development of state-of-the-art technologies for premium vehicles.