AI scientist Somdip Dey a.k.a. InteliDey breaks ground with his first melodic deep house release 'Warning'

AI scientist Somdip Dey a.k.a. InteliDey breaks ground with his first melodic deep house release 'Wa

Somdip Dey a.k.a. InteliDey

The world of music has often been the bastion of human creativity, a domain that has historically remained unchallenged by the relentless march of technology. Yet, this notion was splendidly challenged by Somdip Dey, also known by his alias InteliDey, with the release of his melodic deep house track titled 'Warning'. This isn't just another tune. It's a clarion call, marking the arrival of an era where artificial intelligence (AI) meets the rhythm of beats and melodies.

With a commendable tally of over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone over two years, InteliDey has already created ripples in the world of electronic music. His latest single, 'Warning,' is not just an addition to his burgeoning discography but a significant divergence into the melodic deep house realm. What makes 'Warning' extraordinary is the use of InteliDey’s proprietary 'music AI' to create its immersive sound loops, samples, chord progressions, and melodies.

The track doesn’t merely rely on AI for its creation; it also sends a resonating message to traditionalists in the music industry. AI in music is not a fleeting trend, it's a revolution, and it’s here to stay. The pulsating bassline of 'Warning,' combined with mellifluous melodies and soulful vocals, offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of AI-generated music. It's a testament to Dey's prowess that the AI-generated components, once mixed and mastered by him, sound indistinguishably human, filled with emotion and depth.

To those in the tech industry, the name Somdip Dey needs little introduction. As the CEO of Nosh Technologies, Dey has been at the forefront of leveraging deep tech to address pressing global issues like food wastage and carbon emissions. Under his leadership, the company uses cutting-edge AI solutions to make tangible impacts, aligning technological advancements with societal benefits.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Dey is an eminent figure in the world of AI research. He is a Professor of Practice in AI/ML at the Woxsen University, a Lecturer of Computer Science at the University of Essex, and a Lecturer of Data Science at the York St John University. His credentials include an enviable list of over 70 intellectual properties in the computing domain. Recognitions like the Life Fellowship from the Royal Society of Arts, being named an MIT Innovator Under 35 in AI & Robotics, and bagging the title of Outstanding Achiever in Education, Science & Innovation at the 2023 India UK Achievers Honours speak volumes about his contributions to the field. The honor as a World IP Review Leader only adds another feather to his already brimming cap.

Yet, amid the algorithms and programming codes, Dey's heart beats to the rhythm of music. His foray into the music domain in 2021 was no mere caprice. It was the culmination of a deep-seated passion, one that saw him draw inspiration from stalwarts like Eric Prydz, David Guetta, Tiësto, Hardwell, and Martin Garrix. But InteliDey is not one to tread the beaten path. In leveraging AI for music production, he's not just composing but pioneering. By feeding specific inputs like mood, preferred artist style, and song length into his algorithms, Dey's music AI crafts tracks in a fraction of the conventional time, adding a novel dimension to the art of music creation.

In today’s age, where technology and human life are intertwined more than ever, Dey’s endeavors showcase a harmonious confluence of the two. Music publications such as and EDMSauce have already spotlighted his revolutionary approach, positioning him as a vanguard in the AI-music synergy.

For our readers at SiliconIndia, InteliDey’s journey is a testament to the immense potential of Indian innovators on the global stage. As music continues to evolve, one can't help but wonder: Are we on the cusp of a new genre, one where human creativity and AI coalesce seamlessly? If 'Warning' is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes. InteliDey's 'Warning' serves not just as a song, but a symbol of the future. And if this is what the future sounds like, it's melodiously promising.