Adventure Sports in Kochi to Conquer Your Fears

Adventure Sports in Kochi to Conquer Your Fears

One of the world's best harbours and the "Queen of the Arabian Sea," Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a popular destination on Indian trip packages. The island city of Kochi is renowned for its immense scenic beauty in the form of backwaters and the sea, along with the traditional buildings, churches, and beaches. It is a wonderful blend of old-world charm with vibrant metropolitan culture.

The city is crisscrossed by the sea and backwaters and is well known for various adventurous pursuits. If you love adventure, get moving and pull up your socks to enjoy thrilling adventure sports with the help of car rentals in Kochi.

The Top 6 Adventure Activities in Kochi

The immense natural beauty of Kochi is well-known. Now is the time to defy convention and explore Kochi's thrilling and perilous locations. Here are the top six locations where you may engage in a variety of adventure sports and live life to the fullest. To learn more, keep reading!

  • Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Kochi is one of the most well-liked and exciting water activities there, providing adventure seekers with the ultimate undersea experience. You can see some aquatic life while on this daring and brave expedition, and you may snap pictures and films. One of the must-try adventure activities in Kochi, one of the top tourist destinations in Kerala, is scuba diving, which begins and ends at the Scuba Kochi Dive Center. The activity lasts for around 45 minutes. Everyone can enjoy the serene and beautiful underwater sport because swimming is not necessary. Before diving into the water, a diving coach will train you.

  • Water Skiing

Water skiing should be done when it comes to water adventure sports in Kochi. Here you can appreciate the surrounding quiet seas and explore the waves still in less populated spots. The best aspect is that the sport is safe because it is all done in the company of a professional. The experience of flying over water will stay with you for the rest of your life. However, the location of the activity will be revealed only once you book it. The action begins in the early morning, say at 6 a.m., and lasts until the early evening, say 6 to 7 p.m. The cost of this activity starts at just 2,250 rupees (INR), which is quite a good deal.

  • Beach and Backwater cycling

If you are an active person who enjoys a lot of exercise, this is the sport for you. The journey begins in Fort Cochin and quickly departs from the hectic city streets to visit rural areas where you may appreciate the peace of life and even interact with the locals. The exercise is not a high-risk game; you will be equipped with the required equipment, including a helmet for safety and a gear-changing bike. Kochi is a lovely city. And what better way to appreciate its beauty and sweetness than on a gentle, smooth cycle trip through the city, particularly the old portions, beaches, and backwaters? The activity begins at approximately 7 a.m.

  • Kayaking

This one is one of the most exhilarating water adventure sports to try out in Kochi. When the waves of water splash on your face and the lovely air blows over your body, it will undoubtedly cause your epinephrine to rush and leave you startled and enthralled. The encounter would become rather wonderful, soul-stirring, and rip-roaring once you synchronize with your trainer or the professional sitting with you for security. Only once you reserve the trip will you discover its precise location. However, the action happens in Princess St. in Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Kochi. This water sports experience in Kochi stands out for its affordable price, which starts at just 1,000. (INR).

  • Banana Boat Ride

This exciting activity can be done both solo and in groups. This activity lasts for 5 minutes and is one of the top adventure sports in Kochi. However, for these five minutes, you would have an enthralling and exhilarating experience while seeing the stunning coastline as you flew over the waves in the banana-shaped boats. This adventurous activity in Kochi likewise begins early in the morning and provides you with a hair-raising sensation that you won't forget for the rest of your life. Cherai Beach - Munambam Rd, Cherai, Kuzhuppilly, Kerala, is the venue for this journey. It is a very inexpensive, reasonable, and practical ride, with fares starting at just 500 rupees (INR).

  • Beach and Backwater Cycling

This adventure activity has to steal your breath and raise your hair if you're a fitness enthusiast with bright eyes and bushy tails. It also begins early, around seven in the morning, and involves travelling from Fort Cochin to a remote area where you may take in the peace of the setting. You may talk to the locals and learn about their customs and culture. The sport is not particularly dangerous, and you will be given all the necessary safety equipment, including a helmet and a bike with gears. The address of the place is Fact QTS. C 59, PO, Udyogamandal, Eloor, Kochi. In Kochi, the cost of this adventurous activity starts at 4,800 rupees (INR).

  • Bhoothathankettu Trekking

The location is 10 kilometres from Kothamangalam and 50 kilometres from Kochi, outside the village of Pindimana. This location is a dam, which makes it a popular tourist site. The hiking here will leave you with an energizing and heart-winding spark, and the location's historical and mythical history unquestionably qualifies as a must-visit. The many fascinating adventure sports in Kochi will pump up your adrenaline and show you a distinct aspect of the city. Additionally, it is stated that while Tipu Sultan and his army were camped near the dam, preparing to invade Kerala, some patriotic individuals opened the dam's gates, causing a significant flood that caused the army to disperse.

Wrapping Up!

If you want to experience a different side of life with a dash of adventure, here is the place to be! The many fascinating adventure sports in Kochi will pump up your adrenaline and show you a distinct aspect of the city. So, don't delay any longer; pack your things, book a cab with a cab booking app, and plan your vacation in Kerala!