Know how hosted VoIP solutions can redefine operations at different industry fronts

Know how hosted VoIP solutions can redefine operations at different industry fronts

The usability of a VoIP driven office phone system does not lurk these days. Industries of all sorts know that this one system has all the power to leverage their telecom system by and large. All their demands to own a private yet universal communication system is fulfilled by VoIP.

Enterprise hosted phone system is one resource upon which different industries can bank upon reliably. Being able to get transformed as per the industry’s need, it is known to be a master of all the traders. Whether you are a small business or a big gun, whether you deal locally or globally, whether you deal with customers directly or indirectly, it endows the target industry with necessitate resources.

Let’s ponder over a little how hosted VoIP caters the needs of different industries:

Hosted VoIP for customer care industry - You are always accessible to answer the calls.

If you deal in an industry that has customer care as an essential component then hosted VoIP can make a huge difference. With a suite of advanced business features such as call forwarding and call queuing, you can strategically handle the call traffic and arrange them in the first-come-first-serve basis. Call transfer allows you to transfer the call immediately to another available agent if one line is busy.

By doing so, you can be assured that each call has been answered with the shortest call waiting time. Besides, it empowers you with the ability to call back to all your voicemails. Your customer care agents can forward the incoming call on their mobile phones if they are not available on their desk. Simply put, it makes you self-competent to reach out to your customers regardless of the time and location constraints. And this is what customer care industry demand; to be at the service of your customers around the clock.

Hosted VoIP for the real-estate industry - You will never miss a call and business opportunity.

Real estate is a communication heavy industry. Customers of this industry divulge deep in the facts and figures before making the final decision. Plus, being a real estate agent you have to be present both offline and online. When you are in a meeting with a prospect client, you can’t afford to miss the call of any future client.

Just as traditional telephony system, cloud-based phone system doesn’t tether real estate agents with their desk. They can answer the call from softphone as well. The FindMe/FollowMe feature of a VoIP solution helps them to take note of every call when they are not physically present to answer it. Besides, this tool assists them to transcribe voicemails directly into emails. So, real estate agents can be assured of the fact that they are not going to miss even a single call irrespective of they are in the office or not.

Hosted VoIP for hotels - You can carry out CRM with normal call answering routine.

Hotel or hospitality is one industry where customers lead the way. They are at the top of the priority list and service providers can’t afford to miss a single opportunity to offer them exceptional service experience. Here, CRM’s role is way more than what we think. You need to take note of their feedback, and answer their queries.

Owning hosted VoIP is the only way to deal with it as many leading office phone system providers come with inbuilt CRM integration such as Zoho CRM. With its help, the service provider can easily know which call has been put on hold for a longer time and which issue is still pending. In fact, you can send SMS about their booking status and any other details. You can create survey forms and gather real-time service feedback. You can set automatic wake-up calls for the customer and even get as much as an extension you want for a single phone number.

Hosted VoIP for manufacture and construction industry - You are free to work anytime and anywhere

Manufacturing and construction is one industry that demands you to be out of the comfort of your office space as well. Out of office space doesn’t imply that you are out of order as well. You need to be in touch with your administrative team and on-site team to ensure the upright workflow.

While the traditional telephony system fails in this big time, it is a cake walk for the enterprise hosted phone system. It lets you work from a remote location without any hassles. With the mobile interface of hosted VoIP services, you can not only make calls but also view/edit/share the reports, access to the database and even attend the meetings while being away from the office desk.

Quite a few products come with such power to serve the different industries with equal potential and hosted VoIP is amongst one of them. Cloud-based phone system diligently eliminates the need to have different products of various operations within a single organization and assimilate all the required resources over a single place.

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