Kids of Indian Defence Personnel Reluctant to go their Parent's Way

Bangalore: “Raised by naval servant father and housewife mother who wanted me to become a naval officer, I always felt that I could find a better life out of the defence environment,” expressed 22 year old Abhijit when asked why he didn’t choose armed forces as his career.

While our nation is moving towards a better economy, our government and citizens are more focused towards the industrialization and the technology sector of India. The youth today is more lured by MNC jobs which are softer for them and gives more options for mobility. Westernization of the culture is also to be blamed for the youth losing interest towards serving the country. The young blood wants corporate culture which according to them values people. 23 year old, Rahul Singh comments, “There is a high level of stress in defence and the promotion is also very slow.”

There was a time when students dreamt of getting into Indian Defence Services so that they could proudly say that they are fighting for the country. They were overwhelmed by the gallantry efforts of immortal martyrs. A study by SiliconIndia shows that the number of “Aspiring Soldiers” has taken a steep downward curve. The Indian Army, which is world’s fourth largest is currently short of close to 13,000 officers which is estimated to get filled in 20 years. Officers are increasingly opting for premature retirement blaming poor service conditions there.

A 13 year old daughter of a Naval Servant, Nikita Pandit who wants to become a Fashion Designer said, “Navy is not for me because of frequent sailing and night duties. I won’t find time for myself.”

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