5 Most Popular Indian Army Chiefs Since Independence
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5 Most Popular Indian Army Chiefs Since Independence

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 14 August 2012, 13:13 Hrs   |    11 Comments
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Bangalore: Indian army has contributed to the Independence of the country in a very big way and it is still making the same contribution till today and no doubt it serves with the same dedication in the future as well. In any of the army in the world, the chief of every army plays a vital role and in India too, the chief of the Indian army has a vital role to play.  But the fact is that many of the Indian citizens might not be aware of the top Indian Army Chiefs who led the Indian army with full dedication. So, to make them aware of the army chiefs, here is a short list of most popular army chiefs’ right from the Indian independence, selected from the list given on the Indian Defence Review Website.

1. Field Marshal Kodandera Madappa Cariappa:

Term: 16th Jan 1949 to 14th Jan 1953

Though there were two foreign chiefs who led the Indian Army even after the Indian independence, if we consider only the Indian Chiefs, Field Marshal Kodandera Madappa Cariappa can top the list of popular Indian Army Chiefs as he became the first ever army chief since the Indian independence. He was most popularly recognized as ‘Kipper’ and he hails from the State of Karnataka. After he served as the Lieutenant General he took over the position as the army commander in the year 1948. Finally it was in the year 1949; he got the chance of serving as the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army. In-between his term from 1949 to 1953 he also served as the Colonel of the Rajput Regiment from the year 1949 to 1959. It was in the year 1986, when General Kodandera Madappa Cariappa was honored by the President of India with the rank of Field Marshal.

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Reader's comments(11)
1: wron information about Maneckshaw death
Posted by:shekhar - 17 Dec, 2015
2: How come Gen Thimayya's name is missing?? The person who compiled the list must be a dud of the first order. Gen Timmy was, and will remain the best Generals the Indian army ever had.
Posted by:Arvind - 27 Jun, 2014
3: only Cariappa and Maneckshaw , should be included , others not to their standard
Posted by:Manik Ghosh - 03 Sep, 2013
4: Only Cariappa and Maneckshaw were awarded Field Marshal rank.
It's shameful that not a single Indian political leader attended Maneckshaw's funeral, nor was there a national mourning.
This is how we show our nation respects its heroes!
Posted by:Jay - 26 Jan, 2013
5: General Vaidya was assassinated by Sikh Terrorists. You simply mentioned that he passed away.
Posted by:bakthavathsal - 19 Aug, 2012
Khalistan Zindabad!
Sukwahant Singh Replied to: bakthavathsal - 21 Sep, 2013
7: Hats off to all our great generals .

But no one had the guts to topple the corrupt civil govt at the center.The enemy lies with in india. Which is invisible. Yet ! to see that real 'son' of our great nation called India.
Posted by:Nair - 16 Aug, 2012
8: How about Paddy/Sundarjee/Krish Rao ?
Posted by:Joseph - 15 Aug, 2012
9: very nice information..
Posted by:arnav - 14 Aug, 2012
Gen. Thimayya, should have been included in the list
David Isaaacs Replied to: arnav - 26 Jan, 2013
Yes Agree.Gen Thimayya must included in oustanding names of Gens.
D K Singh Replied to: David Isaaacs - 28 Oct, 2014