Facts You Must Know About the Food Bill
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Facts You Must Know About the Food Bill

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 28 August 2013, 13:40 Hrs   |    7 Comments
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Bangalore: We cannot imagine our life without a pinch of food in a day as it is the most essential element for human beings to survive. In an overpopulated country like India, there is more demand for basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter, out of which, food serves as the most important component for a healthy living. The country is home to 25 percent of starving poor people of the world.

Recently, the Central government with the main aim to combat poverty and hunger of its ever increasing population had introduced ‘Food Security Bill’ which is considered as the world's largest welfare scheme. The bill guarantees highly subsidized food grains to two-thirds of the population. Here are some of the facts worth knowing about this food legislation as listed by rediff.com-

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Reader's comments(7)
1: I found many farm workers taking leave on every third or 4th day if not at least once in a week. If the food bill is introduced with all the benifits sighted for women, there is possibility a fellow may work for two days a week. This will hamper production and that results in country importing rice and wheat. Can we afford to this? I was working for a guy in election and in the process walking through a poor locality. An Old woman came out of her house and said sir, we do not want any thing from government free please make rice Rs.10 a kg we will take care of ourselves. I was shocked and told her with my folded hands Amma(lady) if every one thinks like you this country will prosper soon.
Unfortunately we are making such people also dependent on the government.
Let us provide work and develop production and export to cut down balance of payments.
Posted by:Kamalkumar - 02 Sep, 2013
2: Part 1: Right to vote + communicate does not complete democracy. Accountability is also a major component in it.

Past 2: Looking at the USD $ value or any currency Vs Indian currency. I am a bit concerned. If I lose money will we be spending money or will we be looking to get rise up?

Part 3: Who is going to govern the food bill. Lack of proper storage , transportation and availability of water for irrigation is and has been a epic issue. Wondering how much time will it take to mend this.

Part 4: Religion always come in. When India is 1,222,559 sq mi in size. How does 3/4 religions groups make a bigger issue?
Posted by:Tathagat - 31 Aug, 2013
3: Many schemes initiated by Government, many laws passed, after independence... But our growth rate is much lower against what would have.. There is lot of difference between creation and implementation. Strong willpower is needed to really serve for poor’s/needy. And that can’t be done just by holding top position and taking feedbacks from top level only!

Attitude should be positive and meaningful. Not just for votes!!!
Posted by:Atul - 29 Aug, 2013
4: the food bill is an extensively regarded key method of the union government to entice people to vote for them in the upcoming 2014 election - It is the fact. there's nothing new in it.
Posted by:Rajesh Sharma - 29 Aug, 2013
5: The corrupt Politicians will do a SCAM again and no POOR will die as usual.
Posted by:Chandan - 29 Aug, 2013
I meant POOR will die as usual. and no one will be able to take benefit out of it other than politicians and their relatives.
Chandan Replied to: Chandan - 29 Aug, 2013
7: Benefit of subsidized food to BPL families/poor families has not yet reached the needy despite being implemented long back post independence. Why?, the policies are good but implementation and monitoring is a failure for all these years leading to increase of corruption and sense of unaccountability in public life. FS Bill is not required, had the ration shop subsidy scheme been implemented with sincerity. FS bill will open gates for MEGA scams for all greedy officials/politicians.
Posted by:Nishikant - 28 Aug, 2013