Different Types of Customer Service Software for Businesses

Different Types of Customer Service Software for Businesses

In order to establish a credible brand image in the market, every company strives to achieve perfection in their offerings.Be it services that they provide, or product ranges, ultimately they have to keep in mind the satisfaction of their customers.

So along with offering impeccable quality in their services and products, it is equally important to provide trustworthy customer service. Providing unflinching support using customer service software is, therefore, a key necessity in building faith among the clients.

There are a variety of such customer service applications that are now available in the market. Here are some of the most widely-used ones.

1. Phone Support Application

Earlier, before technology took over the world like a storm, customer queries and concerns were addressed through a phone or dial-in network. Here is the customer used to directly talk to the support agent or executive directly by dialing the helpdesk phone number. But nowadays, that traditional method of customer service has undergone a complete evolution with technology enhancements. With this technologically advanced support system, companies can not only answer customer queries via phone calls but also carry out automatic call routing, forwarding, IVR, call recording.

2. Live Chatting Software

These are found in websites, where customer service is provided to the visitors by typing in queries in a small pop-up box. Apart from websites more and more mobile applications are also making use of live chat to provide instant help to their clients. Live chat software is also designed to manage online queries seamlessly and can route messages and manage chat queues for a quick turnaround. The customer service agents might be real persons or even chatbots that are equipped to answer queries smartly.

3. Integrated Support Tool

An integrated customer service software is the latest and most advanced among the different types of customer service applications. This is because it is designed to be equipped with the various features of a live chat, phone support and even offers utilities for management of customer interactions on social media. Community support forums are also one form of this integrated customer support and are known to offer an entire knowledge base to address various concerns raised by customers.

4. Ticketing Tool

Customer service application that works on a ticketing method is mostly used in IT companies for resolving technical queries presented by clients. This type of tool usually functions based on email exchanges and are ideal to keep a consolidated record of customer queries addressed and received. There are options to prioritize the queries, track every response generated, and also to follow-up different requests. Servicing customer requests using a ticketing tool is by far the best way to keep the entire customer service data organized and streamlined.

Apart from these few types, many people find the self-service software to be immensely helpful too. They can totally bypass the hassles of talking to a customer service representative and solve their own problems faster. So ultimately it all about offering the customers a pleasant experience that leaves them impressed. Only then will they be more likely to remember and recommend to others.

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