Will the 2019 Honda Civic pave the way for Type R in India

Will the 2019 Honda Civic pave the way for Type R in India

The Honda Civic is one of the longest-running nameplates in the history of automobiles. From its inception, Civic has been a dominant force in its segment. Honda Civic sedan is renowned for its reliability and frugal nature. Later iterations like Civic Type R, Civic VTi and Civic GTi have been well received for their performance.

Honda Civic checks all the right boxes for a daily driver but thanks to its tuner-friendly i-Vtec engine it can easily double up as a fire breathing dragster. The Civic lineup offers a lot of options to the buyers. Civic can be had as a sedan, coupe or hatchback. All these body styles are complemented by a long list of equipment and trim levels which follow a reasonable price tag.

The Civic Type R is Honda’s hot hatch offering for a market that believes FWD cars don’t have the mettle to compete against AWD hatches like Ford Focus and VW Golf GTI. Well, the Type R is not your usual hot hatch, it has a well designed aerodynamic body, race-focused interiors, customizable drive modes, and three pedals. And the icing on the cake is a turbocharged 306 hp engine that screams all the way to the red line.

The Honda Civic sedan is due for its India launch in 2019. When it comes to the luxury focussed Indian market, buyers will rather choose a family-friendly sedan over a higher priced race focused race car. But the Civic enthusiast wants to hear the exhaust growl from the turbocharged i-Vtec engine. Sadly, India won’t be getting that. Just to make it clear Honda is launching the Civic in India this year, but it will be the Civic sedan, not the type R.

The Civic sedan would be powered by a 1.8-litre naturally aspirated engine. The chances of getting the expensive 1.5-litre turbo-four engine are pretty low.

The Civic sedan might not have impressive numbers but it is one car that India has been waiting for a long time. The 10th-gen Civic sedan is going to fill the void between Honda City and Honda Accord Hybrid. Civic is going to steal many hearts. It might not have the power to race your hearts but it has the luxury to warm it up. And from a family guy point of view, this car has everything to fit the requirement of an average Indian family, from a snappy infotainment system to a suite of onboard safety features. One thing is sure, the Civic sedan will be loaded to the brim.

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