Potential Risks as You Start Using Social Media for Marketing Your Business

Potential Risks as You Start Using Social Media for Marketing Your Business

You might feel excited about using social media to promote your brand, as setting up an account and posting information for people to read won't take much time.However, it is not as easy as you deemed it to be. It can even hurt your brand if you don't do it well. These are some risks in using social media to market your company.

Damage your reputation

There have been several examples of companies that posted something inappropriate, irrelevant or insensitive in the past and they instantly received a backlash for what they posted online. The worst part is that these posts remain out there for good as even if you delete what you posted, the whole world already saw it. Therefore, if you can’t control what you put out there and you don’t have a reliable social media manager, it could adversely affect your brand.

You might only do well at first

The novelty of promoting online might eventually wear off. At some point, you will feel tired of posting information. You might do well at first, but you become inconsistent later. You don't want this to happen as you might lose the people who followed you at first. When you start posting online, you can’t allow a week or two without any update. People visiting your page will think that your business is inactive. The ones who already followed you could also potentially leave as there is nothing to see on your page.

You could overwhelm your followers

On the flip side, social media marketing could also lead to overwhelming posts and as a result people won’t follow you anymore because you keep posting something that is of no interest to them. It also appears as if you are selling something all the time. They don’t want to feel like you are only after their money.

Account hacking is a possibility

Your social media account is a representation of your brand. People will equate the page with your company and if you post something terrible, they will negatively view the entire company. Worse, if someone hacks your account and posts something that does not represent your brand, it is difficult to clear your name. Several companies have used hacking as an excuse even if it did not happen. Therefore, it is not easy for people to believe it when someone tells them that the company's page has been hacked.

Plan your strategies well

You need to plan everything that you want to do to promote your brand. Online marketing is useful, but it can also go the other way if not used well and you also need to include offline marketing strategies like the use of rollup banners , since they can also reach a lot of people. There still is a segment of society that does not go online all the time, so without offline marketing approaches you could run the risk of losing them. Study your brand and the people you want to target before deciding what methods you need to use.

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