Children's Day under Progressive Lens

By Sophia Rohtagi, Siliconindia   |   Wednesday, 14 November 2018, 07:25 Hrs
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A sneak peak in children-centric provisions

Draped in white accoutre embellished with a sole red rose and crowned with ivory pride of Indian patriotism clearly strikes the visual chords of our very own ‘Chacha Nehru’. Right from being an influential leader to India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru edified strong pillars of education, guidance and humanity for young generations’ brighter future. His yearning and love for kids throughout his life narrates a special chapter of our golden history and hence is the celebration of Pandit Nehru’s birth anniversary as Children’s Day.

Children's day

Realizing that our nation’s future depends on our children, Pandit Nehru proposed the idea of providing adequate opportunity and guidance to children for them to recognise and polish their inner potential and contribute to society at large. Although extensive plans were initiated for young Indians’ education and encouragement, many still covet for proper education and better social standing, either due to social divide or lack of monetary benefits. 

Since independence, India has evolved into a superpower but when it comes to underlining children-oriented rights, multiple segments stumble to deliver adequate opportunities, especially for those with restricted assistance. Wondering what we lack in spite of being an advanced nation? Here’s a sneak peak in a few domains that requires child empowerment master card to pep up India’s dynamism and millennial exuberance. 

Rewriting the Chapters of Enlightened India

Right to Education Act states that children aged six to 14 are mandated to attend schools. The urban families have multiple alternatives, both public and private schooling entities, for their child’s education but for rural families financial paucity becomes the ultimate challenge while enrolling their child. As per Annual Status of Education Report, pupils in rural areas do not learn a great deal in spite of attending schools. Post three years of enrolment, 60 percent children are seen struggling to read and write. Prevailing learning crisis, impoverished infrastructure in countryside schools and lack of enough opportunities are certainly calling for urgent attention and rewiring of Indian education system, which supports and guides pupils in the right manner so that they walk a brighter path and make India the nation Pandit Nehru dreamt of.

Treating Malnutrition with Awareness & Assistance

According to global reports, rising income level, extensive health awareness and rising cognizance towards healthy lifestyle and health insurance have become key contributors to Indian healthcare sector’s growth, which is expected to reach $280 billion by 2020. Amidst this growth, several chronic diseases and fatal conditions have been successfully dealt with and cured with advanced treatment. Children malnutrition, however, continues to be an enduring problem in Indian vicinity. Nearly 3000 children die every day while 44 percent children under the age of five are underweight and 48 percent are stunted due to chronic under nutrition.

The Government of India and multiple chains of NGOs are undertaking progressive measures to plug this gap between nutrition and health. Increased awareness and mass participation in health-centric social activities is sure to eradicate hunger problems and permanently end the whip of malnutrition deaths in Indian boundaries. Become the helping hand for those in need of aid and assistance this Children’s Day.

Eradicating Child Labour & Trafficking

The phenomenon of economic deprivation and hunger works like magic wand for child labour and trafficking. Right from bonded labour to child marriage, we have seen children fall in the potholes of slavery, abuse and trade. Official integers reports the presence of over 12 million child labourers in India but because of passive nature of this crime, tracking little hands toiling for little pay has become a gruelling task. How often do you come across children working? Sometimes or multiple times? Surely the answer would be every day.

Despite such high figures, national legal framework and mass awareness in rural areas has, in great scale, helped many children bounce back from the oceanic ravine of traffickers and masters. If you witness child neglect, abuse or exploitation, be the voice to those voiceless little heads. Report to authorities and contribute your effort in building a safe India.

Revisiting Traditional Value System

Compassion, Morality, Freedom, Peace, Tolerance, Respect, Honesty and Trust among other values seem like the characteristics of the past. Presently, the concept of human development in children lacks value education and moralistic knowledge. Cultivating the essence of values, today, requires special sessions for value learning and inculcating qualities. Modernism has captured the quintessence of ethics, virtue and integrity and it’s high time for us to step back in traditional shoes and teach our children the importance of living an honourable life guided with moral principles. Instilling traditional values will not only ensure social acceptance and behavioural positivity but will also foster self-discipline that lays the foundation of a successful, ethical future.

This Children’s Day, swear of oath of making India the glorious, progressive country for our young generation.

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