75 Percent IITians Choose to Pursue Passion over Studies

29 percent of the students feel that the reason for not getting on with their academic work is because of the fact that they just cannot relate to the curriculum. The finding said, “Most professors fail to generate interest in the course,” as reported by TNN.

The survey was conducted in the campus, in which over 400 polled for passion driven activities being more important than academics. In the same survey 300 votes were given to extra-curricular activities, 200 for non-academic responsibilities on the campus, and 150 each for research work and other courses. The survey had a total of 550 respondents and they were allowed to vote in more than just one category. The survey was published in the quarterly magazine, Insight by the institute’s student media body, where the students were asked ‘why they don’t study at IIT,’ reported Pallavi Smart for DNA.

The report on the survey states, “Vision statement for the institute is that passion in science and technology should ideally be the reason for a student to seek admission in IIT-B. However, we have come to find that a lot of students generally don’t have a single concrete aim or reason for entering the IITs and there is a clear mismatch of ideals at the entry point. When in school, students tend to be confused as they are not sure why they aspire to get into IITs in the first place. Their decision to prepare for JEE is mostly driven due to parental pressure or herd mentality,” as reported by DNA.

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