7 Hidden Wonders Of The World.

BANGALORE: Everyone has heard of the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. It seems that all the architectural wonders of the world are placed on the map. There are still many hidden gems out in this world which are waiting to be stumbled upon. The monuments are not well known, but possess great architectural beauty and utility. Below is the list of the 7 hidden wonders of the world as complied by BBC travel:

# The Great Mosque of Djenne, Mali

The Great Mosque of Djenne in Mali is made completely out of mud, and is the largest silicate based structure in the world. It uses a clay based mortar and plaster, sun dried earthen bricks, and large quantities of sand.

The Mosque’s Sudano Sahelian architectural style is a unique combination of stylistic elements from various cultures. The massive mud structure is recoated with clay as festive ritual by the locals every year before the onset of monsoons to prevent it from cracking in the rain.

Throughout the year, the mosque is adorned with rodier palms that are generally used as scaffolding to make repairs. This site was designated a UNESCO Heritage site in 1988.

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