67 Years on, India Still Struggle to Utilize Food Grains Effectively: Study

The project report exclaimed, "The major cause of this performance is the implementation of the Targeted Public Distribution System. This made the administration and operation of public distribution difficult and provided loopholes for the corrupt, which in turn led to the omission of deserving people from the welfare scheme," reports DM.

"As the PDS is the largest welfare scheme in the country, the consequences have been extremely bad. Significant parts of the population remain hungry. Inadequate infrastructure, lack of awareness, social stigmas and political indifference further obstruct the proper functioning of welfare schemes," added the report.

The TPDS was launched back in 1997 by the Central government focusing on the food availability of the six crore nation's poorest masses. The distribution system is firmly divided into Below Poverty Line and Above Poverty Line families.

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