6 Indian Feminists Who Fought Against The Odds


Rupan Deol Bajaj

Rupan Deol Bajaj is a former I.A.S. officer who set an example for every woman how to react against sexual harassments and molestations. She came to limelight when she filed a complaint in 1988 against KPS Gill, who was the Director General of Punjab Police at that time. She stated that he had molested her modesty during a party hosted at the Chandigarh residence of then Punjab Financial Commissioner S L Kapoor.

She was backed by her husband B.R. Bajaj who was a senior I.A.S. officer in Punjab throughout the legal ordeal. This lead to a high profile long drawn law criminal proceeding and KPS gill was found guilty of all charges. This case has also become one of the significant sexual harassment cases in the Indian history, which gave the confidence to many victims to fight against such incidents.


Flavia Agnes

Falvia Agnes is a writer as well as Lawyer who works for the welfare of women in our society. The Mumbai based Lawyer has expertise in marital, divorce and property law. She has been a victim for domestic violence and physical abuse by her husband. After 14 years of intolerable married life she called it off and took the custody of her children.

While giving tuitions to children she came across many women who were physically abused by their husbands, which lead to the beginning of Forum against Oppression of Women (FAOW) in 1972. Primarily it focused on the rape cases and then dealt with issues involving wife beating, dowry and sexual harassment.

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