6 Valorous Military Operations by The Indian Army

2. Operation Meghdoot (April, 1984):

Siachen Glacier is the highest battlefield in the world. In 1983, the "snow-warriors" of India and Pakistan had been locked in supremacy for the control of Siachen glacier. After analyzing the Indian Army's mountaineering expeditions, they feared that India might capture key ridges and passes near the glacier; so decided to send their own troops first. Operation Meghdoot was initiated on 13 April 1984 when the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force went into the Glacier. At one time, one Pakistani soldier was killed every fourth day, while one Indian soldier was killed every other day. According to Indian estimates, this operation had cost India over 50 billion and almost 2,000 personnel casualties till 1997. Almost all of the casualties on both sides have been due to extreme weather conditions.

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