Businessmen, Actors, & Lawyers Among the Highest Taxpayers List

Top bollywood actors, along with stock and equity traders and top notch lawyers have continued to dominate the list of highest individual tax payers in the country.

Taparias of Famy Care Ltd—a Mumbai-based contraceptive manufacturer, has garnered the top four individual tax payers in Mumbai itself. A collective amount of Rs 211 crore has been paid by the Taparias in advance tax to the Indian Government. Ashutosh Taparia, who is the joint managing director of Famy Care, has paid Rs 75 crore as advance tax. Coming on the second rank, the managing director of the Famy Care ltd, Sanjeev Kumar Taparia, burned a hole in his pocket worth of Rs 63 crore. Also, two other members of the Taparia family, Aruna Devi Taparia and Anjali Ashutosh Taparia have paid Rs 37 crore and Rs 36 crore, respectively as advance tax this fiscal.

Last year in November, Mylan Laboratories, an arm of the US-based drugmaker, Mylan NV acquired the women’s healthcare business of Famy Care for $800 million. The deal will allow Mylan to tap into the female contraceptive and healthcare segment in India. Famy Care recorded grand revenue of 400 crore in the year 2014.

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