5 Trends Millennial Must Follow for Better Job Opportunities

According to research conducted by Censuswide, 60 percent of millennials in India job hopped in the last 3-10 years. As per the survey by Indeed, it showed that about 56 percent of respondents having job-hopped in the last 16 months at least once and three times in the last 3-10 years. However, the major reasons to leave the job were; the job did not live up to expectations (30 percent), unhappy work environment (29 percent) or a better role was offered elsewhere (38 percent).

Most Indian millennials want flexible working options to maintain an optimal work/life balance, to avoid traffic, saving on transportation costs and more. It is job security (44.3 percent) and healthy work-life balance (36.7 percent) that millennials value more than salary (11.1 percent), according to Oliveboard, an online competitive exam preparation space. Considering all these, let’s check out the top five employment trends of 2020 that millennials will be looking for.