5 Notable Industries Thriving in India's Online Revolution

5 Notable Industries Thriving in India?s Online Revolution

The growth of internet technology in India has been phenomenal. Statistics show more than half a billion Indians joined the online bandwagon from 2010 to 2019. The major tech companies have a huge interest in the country that is now the second-largest internet market.

Big tech CEOs from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Google’s SundarPichai, and Microsoft CEO SatyaNadella have all been to the country. This highlights the potential in the country’s digital landscape. As internet penetration increases, many industries have continued leveraging this technology to boost their growth.

This post examines some of the industries where the internet revolution has had the most significant impact.

1. Education

Online learning is all the rage in India as more people refine their skills through online learning platforms. It is now possible to access the best institutions both locally and internationally using internet technology. Many learning apps are also available for students in the country, which has gradually improved the standards of education.

There are also digital government initiatives such as SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active–Learning for Young Aspiring Minds), e-PATHSHALA and National Scholarship Portal, eGranthalya, and National Knowledge Network. These private and public digital efforts continue revolutionising learning in the country.

2. Business

India is a major tech hub and this is evident through its vibrant eCommerce industry. Research shows that by 2020, over 329.1 million people will transact online in India. Projected retail e-commerce CAGR is 23%from 2016 to 2021. By 2034, studies predict India will overtake the US to emerge the second largest e-commerce market in the world.

These numbers highlight the potential of the potential for businesses that shift focus from traditional brick and mortar stores to online selling. If you are in business, this is the time to create an online marketing strategy for your company.

3. Entertainment Industry

Internet technology has spawned many startups and careers in the entertainment industry. Video games such as Apar Games, Dumadu Games, Games2win, and The Cat Monk are all by India developers.

Other developments in entertainment fuelled by internet technology include the growth of the online casino industry and sports betting. Players in the country can now access the best online casinos from across the globe on their PCs and smartphones.

The biggest casino brands and bookmakers now accept Indian players as they seek to harness the power of the huge Indian internet market.

4. The Health Industry

Internet technology has also impacted the healthcare industry in the country. In a country of over 1 billion people, it’s tricky to deliver the best healthcare services. This is mobile phone technology has helped boost access to care. Internet technology also increases rapid access to information through the healthcare system. This helps in quick diagnosis and fast development of suitable treatment plans.

Healthcare PR actioners can also access the latest research, new technology and innovations online. Doctors and patients can also communicate with one another more easily.

5. Investment Industry

For a long time, investment options were only available to the Indian urban dwellers. However, the expansion of internet access means people across the country can now invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, mutual funds and other securities.

Final Thoughts

India boasts one of the biggest internet markets. The internet technology has impacted millions of lives in the country. From commerce, health, education to investment, internet technology influences almost every sphere of modern life in the country.