5 Nations Facing the Highest Water-Stressed Risks

5 Nations Facing the Highest Water-Stressed Risks

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 31 March 2014, 10:26 Hrs
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BANGALORE: According to the World Resources Institute report, the first-ever to rank  global water stress on a countrywide scale, 37 percent of countries are facing high water stress, with at least 40 percent of their water taken up by agricultural, industrial and domestic uses.
The study, entitled Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas, ranked countries based on five indicators: the country’s baseline for water stress, the amount of water removed annually from rivers, streams and shallow aquifers, variation in water supply, the number of floods recorded and the country’s intensity of droughts. Let’s have a glimpse at the list of the 5 most water stressed countries.

United Arab Emirates: Located on the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates is famous for its luxurious cities filled with lavish resorts, shopping malls, and other attractions. The livelihoods of these extravagant emirates might create the assumption that water scarcity is not a problem for these rich states. In reality, however, the UAE is confronted with a serious depletion of their available water resources.

A report from the Emirates Industrial Bank in 2005 said that the UAE had the highest per capita consumption of water globally. With 550 liters per person per day, a UAE resident consumes more than double the global national average of 250 liters per person per day. Additionally, for the past thirty years the water table of this region has dropped about one meter per year. At this current rate, the UAE will deplete its natural freshwater resources in about fifty years. Even with a large amount of desalination plants to reduce water deficiency, the UAE needs to adjust its water use habits before its energy consumption doubles in 2020.

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