10 Youngest Self Made Millionaires

BANGALORE: Making money is not much of a difficult task these days, but being a self-made millionaire at the age of ‘four’ is just unimaginable. Just like this kid there are others in this list, who is millionaire before they even turned 20.

And the idea which made them billionaires is nothing extraordinary or ingenious but a simple common sense and a wish to follow their heart, making their own business, reports Scoop Whoop.

Kiowa Kavovit--- At the Age of 4

Irritated of the blank space on her band-aid, while being applied Kiowa asked her father “Daddy what if I had skin that I could paint on?” This little idea from this 4 year old girl led to the invention of Boo Boo Goo-a waterproof bandage that one could paint on.

Abbey Fleck-----At the Age of 8

Bacon must be cooked evenly to be ravished and basing on this idea 8-year old Abbey Fleck designed a microwavable bacon cooking plate. The plate has three beams protruding out on which the bacons can be placed and gives them space to be cooked evenly. This simple invention of this young mind saved the day.
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