10 Weird New Year's Resolutions That are Worth A Try

BANGALORE: A new year often starts with a long list of things you would do and promises are made which we all know are hardly ever kept. Well, they say resolutions are made to be broken.

Yet another year is wrapping up and many of us make resolutions to become richer, better, fitter, slimmer, more organized or much more.  

New Year’s resolutions are more like bringing home a little pup: It’s quite easy to buy but far difficult to maintain. No matter how hard we resolve to become better, the resolutions hardly stay! Once the confetti has been swept away, it becomes difficult to stick to your resolutions. However, new years are incomplete without them and it’s not difficult to keep one if it’s worthy enough.

Following is the list of New Year’s resolutions you can try to have a fun-filled 2016, reports bustle.

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