10 Unique And Most Luxurious Prisons In The World

Aranjuez Prison (Aranjuez, Spain)

When the husband or the wife gets indicted of some felony, the most affected person will be the children who are left behind or taken care of by single parent. If both the parents are imprisoned then the child will be homeless and alone.

But not if the crime is committed in Aranjuez, Spain the parents can share their life as normal in the dormitories of the prison. For parents, this one is the best as the children will be around you with your partner- the only condition in the prison is that everyone should attend the roll call in the morning and evening. With such a place only a fool or crack will escape the place.

San Antonio Prison (San Antonio, Venezuela)

What’s a life without a party every weekend, but once in prison your life, joy everything is close and out. But not if you are sent to San Antonio Prison situated in Venezuela because the place is an party heaven and is known for it as ‘Party Prison’. With pools, barbecue pits, music and dancing people everywhere one can feel the environment of a party in progress. Life in this prison is a party every day, the bonus is the inmate’s relatives are encouraged to stay overnight and enjoy their stay. One word to say its implication is ‘the place is filled with marijuana smoke’, that’s it.
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