10 Places Indians Must Visit In India

Rajasthan: known as the cultural hub of the country, people especially from the eastern and southern parts of the country should visit here to discover the diversity of northern India. Rajasthan is the home to the Great Indian Desert, Thar Desert which must be visited for a desert safari experience which is no less than the one you would have had in Dubai.

Chhattisgarh: situated in the heart of India, this place holds a wide variety of natural beauty from magnificent waterfalls to caves, national parks and hot springs too. Amongst all the other waterfalls of the place, Chitrakut falls are the most beautiful as this wide waterfall has forested area all around it and looks the best during the monsoons.

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat: Gujarat in itself is a place that must be discovered by Indians but Rann of Kutch is something beyond imagination. This salty wetland has the Rann Utsav during the winters and people from around the globe come to discover it. You must too try to find your way to this place of splendor and magnificence.
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