10 Places Indians Must Visit In India

BANGALORE: We Indians are travel freaks and love packing our bags and moving out on every vacation that comes by. This is because there is a lot to discover in India and also we need a break from our day-to-day lives. If you are confused with picking up the right destination for your next trip in India then we have got a whole list of places that you must go to once in India being an Indian. Travel with Zoomtra throughout India.

Kashmir: known as the paradise on earth, it is the northwestern region of the country. People from all across the world come over to discover this land of heaven and so should Indians. The cuisine here is such that you would not find anything even near to these flavours in other parts of the country. They are very ecstatic and authentic. Along with these the natural beauty all around from Kashmir Valley to the hills and more can just not be described in words.
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