10 Hidden iphone tips and tricks you didn't know

10 Hidden iphone tips and tricks you didn't know

Are you a proud owner of iPhone? Do you know dozens of features it has? Sometimes, you will get to know these features when you give your device at the iPhone screen repair service provider or through a friend. Let it not be the case anymore. If you are not aware of them, don’t worry, here are 10 hidden iPhone tricks you can find on your magical device.

1) Know what your device discovers about you

Your iPhone always gathers information in the background. It can be through the applications or through, where you are. To know more details, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. This setting not only shares you the location you are in, but also the time you have spent there.

2) Keyboard as trackpad

Do you know that your iPhone keyboard can be used as a trackpad? It allows moving the cursor accurately on text bits without tapping on the screen. This can work in iPad and iPhone with 3D touch capabilities.

3) Find that a surface is a level

Have you realized the inbuilt app for iOS hidden behind Compass? You can find a spirit level after loading the compass and swiping to the left side. It can be used to check if the images are rightly hanged. Even though iPhone is very handy, it may not be precise as a dedicated spirit level.

4) Calculator backspace

How many times did you get frustrated by mistyping a digit and started the calculator all again? But there is a hidden backspace function in the iOS calculator app. This helps the user to delete only the mistyped digit instead of C or AC buttons every time when a mistake is made. Swipe to the left to get this feature done when you use the calculator.

5) Get back your lost phone

If you have not entered your health details in Medical ID section, do it now itself. The information like allergies, contact details you enter here will appear on the screen even if it is locked. Thus when someone touches on the emergency link can access the details. This is a great way to get back your lost phone.

6) iPhone camera

Are you searching for a reliable iPhone service center in Delhi for your camera issues? Either you can approach a trustworthy service provider or you can straight away go to settings, then general instructions and then turn on the camera. If still, the problem exists, reset your phone. It will be solved in most cases.

7) Custom vibrations for calls

Can you tell who is calling you simply by feeling the vibration on the phone? Wondering? Yes, now you can. Select contacts, then choose the person of choice and then edit. You can now see vibration option and other plenty of choices which include Create New Vibration tool.

8) Close more apps at once

If you wish to close three or more apps in a hurry all at once, you can easily do it by dragging three fingers on the multitasking menu to remove the clutter.

9) Improve battery life

Try turning off spotlights features for applications and you will see improved battery life. How will you do that? Here it goes, Settings>General>Spotlight search and reduce what’s pulling in data.

10) Camera flash notifications

Have you noticed it ever? If no, here is the answer. Go to settings and then click General and Accessibility. Switch LED flash for the alerts to switch on and yes, there you are. If you don’t want it to disturb you often, you can even set the flash mode not to light up then.

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