Vinay Pathak: 'Dust' is an Indian film with a global appeal

Vinay Pathak: 'Dust' is an Indian film with a global appeal
The Vinay Pathak-starrer Dust has dropped digitally only now, but the actor proudly recalls how the indie film, written and directed by Udita Bhargava, made waves when it was screened at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival in 2019.
"I remember our screening at the Berlinale where barring me, Udita and her parents, the rest of the audience in the screening theatre, which was a full house, was an entirely international audience. The way the audience reacted to the story after the screening was overwhelming. 'Dust' is an Indian film with a global appeal and perhaps that is why we touched the right chords," Vinay recalls, speaking to IANS
The story of the film revolves around David, a young German who visits Indore after the death of his Indian photojournalist girlfriend Mumtaz and embarks on a journey to the troubled heart of India. As he tries to retrace her steps before her death, he digs deep into Mumtaz's documentation of the Maoist uprising in the area.
"When I first read the script, I was so impressed because, let alone the film, we do not get to read such stories set in the background. I was more than happy to be part of the story," Pathak adds.
Dust, also featuring Morten Holst, Amrita Bagchi and Kalyanee Mulay, streams on Mubi app.
Source: IANS