SuperGaming brings Indian title 'Indus' global with Fortnite integration

SuperGaming brings Indian title 'Indus' global with Fortnite integration
SuperGaming, a game development company based in Pune, has announced that its upcoming battle royale game, Indus, will be made playable in Fortnite - the popular multiplayer game developed by Epic Games. The move is aimed at attracting a global audience to Indus. As part of this integration, players will soon experience Indus' gameplay, map, and modes in Fortnite's creator mode on PC and macOS. "This will allow us to test Indus' gameplay with external audiences faster and give more gamers a chance to experience Indo-Futurism through their game of choice, Fortnite", says Christelle D'cruz, Co-Founder at SuperGaming.
The game is set in 'Indo-Futurism,' which the startup describes as a futuristic world that is "unapologetically Indian in its exploration and representation of science fiction". It is heavily inspired by Indian culture and mythology and features the Indus Valley civilization as the backdrop of the story.
SuperGaming has announced that the Indus experience was created by a team of two women using Epic Games' Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) in just 27 days. The experience was recently showcased at the India Game Developer Conference 2023 in Hyderabad, and SuperGaming intends to reveal the official release date for the experience soon.
Along with Indus' environments, its Cosmium-focussed win condition that allows players to win by capturing this unique resource that manifests on the map has also been brought to Fortnite, the firm said. In the future, SuperGaming also plans to bring Indus's characters and weapons into Fortnite. "At SuperGaming, we firmly believe that India's culture and talent demand the biggest possible stage for the world to see and play in", said SuperGaming co-founder Roby John. "With Fortnite having an estimated 220 million monthly players globally, there's no better way to bring Indus and Indo-Futurism to the world", he further added.
SuperGaming, a company with investors including Pac-Man, Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco, Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund, Skycatcher, BAce Capital, and Dream Incubator, announced Indus in January 2022. The company intends to release the game on mobile platforms, consoles, and PCs.
The game has clocked about seven million pre-registrations on Android so far since it went live on Google Play in January 2023. Pre-registrations on the App Store for iOS and iPadOS are expected to follow soon. In August 2023, SuperGaming said it plans to release the game in closed beta during this year's festive season. Indus is the most ambitious title for the startup, which has previously developed games such as MaskGun, Silly Royale, Battle Stars, and Tower Conquest. MaskGun, a multiplayer shooter title, claims to have amassed over 80 million players since its inception.