'KBC 15' gets its second Crorepati in UP's Jasnil Kumar

'KBC 15' gets its second Crorepati in UP's Jasnil Kumar
The quiz-based reality show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ season 15 has got its second Crorepati in UP's Jasnil Kumar. The first Crorepati was Punjab's Jaskaran Singh. The 36-year-old Jasnil hails from Anwak in Uttar Pradesh, which is a small village in Azamgarh district. He works in a retail garment store. His family consists of a mother, father, grandfather, his wife, and two kids. He also has four younger brothers and two sisters. In episode 29 of the show, host and megastar Amitabh Bachchan asked Jasnil: “Your current wish is to build a good house. Do you have any other wish?”  
To this, he replied: “Sir, like I told you, it's not like I don't think about myself. I had dreams as well as desires. When I was studying, I wished I had good clothes. l also wanted to travel.” Big B said: “Both the wishes have been fulfilled. You traveled to Mumbai. You also got good clothes (indicating towards his jacket, which the actor gifted Jasnil).” Jasnil said: “We had financial problems at home from the beginning. My father's income was very meager. I could manage somewhat after I got a job. With the money I earned, I tried to help my family, be it for farming or the education of my younger siblings.”
The actor wished him luck, saying: “Jasnil, may your desires be fulfilled. You have worked hard not just in your life but also in this game. Your innocence reflects in the way you talk, and depicts your roots. People of your region, your work and life experience have been innocent. And innocence matters in life. I believe so.” Jasnil said: “As the elder son, I have to shoulder many responsibilities. Even if I try with this income, then it might take me a lifetime. KBC is a platform that can help me change my family's fortune overnight. Whatever prize money I win, I will use it to turn my house into a permanent structure.”
Then, the host asked him the question for Rs one Crore. The question read: "The gold left after a yagya performed by whom was used by the Pandavas to refill their treasury and conduct the Ashwamedha yagya?" The options given were - A: Vikarna B: Marutta C: Kubera D: Likhita. Jasnil gave the correct answer, which was Marutta, and won the huge price of Rs one crore. He then cried loudly in excitement and hugged the ‘Sholay’ fame actor tightly. Jasnil even lay down on the floor and touched Amitabh’s feet in respect.  
Amitabh then asked him the last question for Rs seven crore: “Leena Gade, a person of Indian origin, is the first female race engineer to win which of the following races?” The options given were: A: Indianapolis 500 B: 24 Hours of Le Mans C: 12 Hours of Sebring D: Monaco Grand Prix. Jasnil guessed the right answer, which was option B - 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, he was not sure of the answer and didn’t have any lifelines left with him, so he decided to quit the show and took home Rs one crore. Earlier, the show had its first Crorepati in Jaskaran Singh, who hails from a small village Khalra in Punjab, situated close to the border.
However, after winning one crore Rupees, Jaskaran was not able to answer the Rs seven crore question and he decided to quit the game. Big B had lauded his decision to quit the game at the high-risk point. The question of Rs seven crore asked to Jaskaran was: According to the Padma Purana, which king had to live as a tiger for a hundred years due to a deer's curse? The options given were Kshemadhurti, Dharmadatta, Mitadhvaja and Prabhanjana. The correct answer was Prabhanjana.
Source: IANS