Honey Singh releases dance track 'Shor Machega'

Honey Singh releases dance track 'Shor Machega'
Music composer and singer Yo Yo Honey Singh released his dance track "Shor Machega", which is also the first track of upcoming film "Mumbai Saga".
Yo Yo Honey Singh shot for this special number, composed, sung and written by the rap star with his protA¿gA¿ Hommie Dilliwala, for two days in Mumbai last year with John and Emraan. The track is produced by Bhushan Kumar.
Talking about the song, Honey Singh said, "This has been one of my best compositions and I'm excited to collaborate with Hommie for this song. We kept the theme of the movie as the essence of our music and wanted to give audiences a song that is catchy and groovy. Thanks to Bhushan Kumar and Sanjay Gupta who understood the vision of the song and made it into a great video. It was a pleasure sharing the screen with John and Emraan. Rajeev Surti choreographed some cool moves & I am looking forward to knowing how everyone likes it."
Remembering the shooting of the song, Sanjay Gupta said, "I was in Khandala when I heard it for the first time; I played it at full volume. The song blew my mind. It was amazing and just what I was looking for. Yo Yo Honey Singh is one artiste everyone enjoys collaborating with because he has that vibe. Also, Bhushan should be credited here for picking this track and sharing it with me."
The film is set to release on March 19.
Source: IANS