'HanuMan' First Pan-India Film with Sanskrit Song Debut

'HanuMan' First Pan-India Film with Sanskrit Song Debut
In a revolutionary step towards pan-Indian and multilingual cinema, the creators of 'HanuMan' are poised to unveil a Sanskrit song titled 'Sri Ramadhoota Stotram.' This innovative initiative reflects the filmmakers' dedication to championing and showcasing Indian traditions and culture on an unprecedented level.
The inclusion of 'Sri Ramadhoota Stotram' represents a noteworthy achievement as the inaugural Sanskrit song in a mainstream pan-Indian film. The choice to integrate this ancient and esteemed language into the film's soundtrack underscores the filmmakers' commitment to safeguarding and honoring India's diverse cultural heritage.
The song, carefully crafted as a 'Sri Ramadhoota Stotram', adds a spiritual and traditional dimension to the cinematic experience of 'HanuMan'. Its inclusion amplifies the authenticity of the film but also serves as a bridge between the contemporary medium of cinema and the timeless depth of Sanskrit literature.
The song aligns seamlessly with the overarching vision of 'HanuMan', where director Prasanth Varma seeks to not only entertain but also educate and inspire audiences about Indian mythology and scriptures. By venturing into Sanskrit, the filmmakers are trying to create a cultural resonance that goes beyond the screen, encouraging people to dig into treasures embedded in India's ancient traditions.
Sharing his vision, Varma said, "We see 'Sri Ramadhoota Stotram' as a spiritual journey within our film. By introducing Sanskrit, the language of our ancient texts, we are aiming to connect audiences with our rich cultural heritage. It is a way to make our traditions come alive on the big screen and leave a lasting impact on viewers, fostering a deeper appreciation for our roots".
With its groundbreaking initiative, 'HanuMan' is forging a path that paves the way for upcoming films to delve into and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of the Indian subcontinent. RKD Studios presents 'HanuMan,' with PrimeShow Entertainment (Niranjan Reddy) serving as the film's producer and Venkat Kumar Jetty in the role of line producer.
Source: IANS